Maki Make consist in a table of design around which we put in common #ideas about creating #sustainable #farming #machines. Together as a team we will conform a description of #farmactivities at Quinta Do Mirante. We will organize a tour around the quinta to learn about the farming process and its necessities.

Once we have gathered this information, the tutors will show some examples of sustainable machines and mechanisms as #TheoJansen #experiments, and help the participants to #create some
models. Finally, the team will cut out wooden pieces according to the design, set joineries and assemble the pieces in order to elaborate a working #prototype.


VICTORIA POLANCO - SPAIN (@victoria__polanco): Master #Architect by E.T.S. Madrid Experties and main interest in #collaborative #projects#festivals as member of LHRC #Collective (@lhrcarquitectura). #Cocreation of #nomadic prototypes based on the philosophy of material recycling and the application of the efficient growth logics of Nature using ligthweight structures.

BEATRIZ ARNAIZ - SPAIN: Master Architect by E.T.S. Madrid High experienced on giving lectures and teaching in workshops about structural morphology and architectural technologies. Construction of prototypes on this field from design to elaboration using low tech philosophy. Research on structural efficiency.

natural ink

Revisiting the skills of an ancient #craft that’s natural ink making. By harvesting a variety of #local #natural resources such as plants, flowers, berries, charcoal and other materials available to experimentally #extract their colour we will produce organic paints and use them through other workshops as well as playfully #create art all around the area.


ROLAND DE L ́ORME - #HOLLAND(@rj_de_l_orme): working independently for over 10 years delivering quality #paintjobs on newer and monumental buildings all across The Netherlands. Roland makes #artwork on canvas since a very young age. His recent works are being shown in several Dutch galleries. He has been a two-time festival tutor creating functional artistic objects and very creative artworks using abandoned items found around.

the continuous r

Starting a month before the beginning of the #festival, we will contact #local collaborators to explain the idea and “save” the #materials we will use. This will have two major objectives: the local #consciousnes sabout the amount of #wasteproduced and the curiosity for the use we are giving to their waste.

Divided in six days duration, we will motivate our participants through art work that uses waste (from #Merzbau of #KurtSchwitters (1887-1948) to #Bordalo II (born in 1987). Once we collect the material we will analyse it and start #building and #experimenting. After laying back and look what we have accomplished, we will gather images and #create a diary or #fanzine, with the possibility of sending it to local collaborates “look what we did with your waste”.


MÁRCIA LUÇAS- PORTUGAL: Born in #Porto(#Portugal). Lives in Vilarelho, Vila Boa de Quires. Degree in Plastic Arts – painting FBAUP, in 1986. She studied Animation Film Course by the Cooperativa ÁRVORE; in 1987, work with Abi Feijó, in Filmógrafo. Estúdio de Cinema de Animação do Porto. D.E.S.E. Superior Studies Diploma in Industrial Design by ESAD, em 1994.
She is represented in the Museum of Bienal de Cerveira, in the Museum of Chaves, in the collections of FBAUP Banco de Portugal, Associação Nacional dos Jovens Empresários, Deutscher Orden , in the collection of Baviera BMW (Portugal), PLMJ Foundation and in several private collections. Márcia also teaches “Desenho A” and “Design, Comunicação e Audiovisuais” in Escola Secundária de Marco de Canaveses.

green trashformation

Green Trashformation is a laboratory of #experimentation, where we will #design and #build an #architectural space with #elementsfrom nature such (stones, earth and wood) and #waste (#glass bottles, #wheels, rubber...). The main objetive is to learn how to build with what we have, and with our own leftovers.

LUIS CASTILLO - SPAIN (@luiscainstantaneo): (Motril, 1989) #Architect formed between Granada, Toulouse and Guadalajara (Mexico). He is passionate about creative sharing and doing with his hands. Committed to sustainability and the optimal use of resources, Luis directs his work towards an architecture with and for people.

It has collaborated with the organization @techo_org #Mexico in the construction of emergency #housing for informal #settlements, and he has designed, together with the Senegalese association @keur_talibe_ndar, a temporary #shelter for beggar children; also, he has worked as a trainer and #bioconstructor for the NGO @hahataygandiol , coordinating projects related to #environmental awareness and community development. At the moment he is developing his career as an independent professional working between Senegal and Spain.

nature knows best

Detachment from the production processes of the #products we use on a daily basis is an imposition of the urban logic. By bringing life back to the #core of our consumer #habits we are not only aiming for the environment’s health but also preserving the #social #relations created around them. 
Inspired by this #rural #knowhow, we are going to make different products for our outer and inner selves as well as for our surroundings, such as soap, shampoo, essential oils, teas, ointments, glass cleaner and laundry detergent. Universal recipes will be contrasted and enriched with the local inhabitants’ #knowledge, creating an
intergenerational exchange. On top of that, the plants surrounding the venue will become our very own pantry. On #balance, we aim to spread the virtues of natural remedies as a way to tie urban and rural areas closer together, enhancing a slow life model that values #sustainability and #heritage.


IRENE MARTÍNEZ MARTÍNEZ & JULIA CLARA GARCÍA FERRÓN – SPAIN. Irene and Julia have come together thanks to their interests in sustainability and active citizenship. The former is a Design and Product Development Engineering student charmed by ecodesign and the latter is a Primary teacher with an architectural background. Based in Seville, they are engaged in various individual projects while the continue their studies in diverse fields.

me & trees & me

More than a workshop where we learn something new, this project intends to #connect each participant with himself and the #Nature, then the #group together with the Nature. 
The exercise consists in the construction of a small naked #doll (one for each), made of #claymixed with other region materials as sticks, #leaves#dirt, etc, as a #selfportrait. After the construction we will be going together #intothewoods to choose a #tree (individual choice) where we hold ourselves (represented by the doll each one created) directly in the tree with a piece of gauze or a soft rope. At last, it will be time to join all the dolls (selfs) with all the chosen trees and make a #creative shape, with a big piece of painted gauze. This unity will represent a communion between human being and nature. The group will live there even after the departure.


CRISTINA COSTA - PORTUGAL: Born in 1960 in #Oporto, Portugal, where she lives and works, she studied Fashion #Design#Theatre and Graduated in History of Art. Soon she began designing costumes and sets for theatre, opera and cinema. Cristina became aware of the need to dedicate all of her time to creation. With that in mind, she took on the future with a new thirst for freedom and space. She is building her own and new Studio-House (Oficina 61), designed by the architect Alexandre Burmester. And between 2013 and 2018 she studied Painting at the Fine Arts School of Porto.

woodcarving an identity

The workshop proposes the collective construction of a #TOTEM, which represents the #identity of the place, as well as the #humangroup that lives and works at the socalcos and the Quinta. The project consists of the #design and construction of an object: THE TOTEM, using basic woodcarving techniques creating #ornamental shapes, multi material inlays and use of #color.

The workshop is divided in three phases:
- Pre-production: walks around the #territory, recognition and analysis. Brainstorming and selection of the #material.
- Production: preparation of materials and #tools, explaining the usage, draw first sketches of the object and execute them onto the totem. - Postproduction: searching for locations in order to exhibit the totems and final opening or #ritual.


JOSE DANIEL ROSA - SPAIN (@dani_rosewood): woodworker formed in the Andalusian Artesanal school, restoration of the historical and cultural heritage. Born in the Taberna ́s dessert (Almeria). Passionate about wood works in the construction of instruments and combines it with artistic proposes as a way of experimentation with different materials.

JELGER DE L’ORME - HOLLAND (@jelgerdelorme): He was born in Holland and is a furniture designer, graduated from the HCM Amsterdam School. Since then, he works as a freelance for different artists and designers in the construction of prototypes and in the industrial production of large-scale designs, in addition to working making his own designs and crafts for clients.


'Map is not territory'

Abstraction and interpretation are commonly used in the creation of maps, structured on agreed-upon standards, in order to understand territory. Subjectifying these reality models through personal and collective experiences breaks convention to pursue a more phenomenological approach. As a result, limits between setting and observer blur in an attempt to understand experienced space as a projection of oneself.

Workshop aims to produce a subjective map of Castelo de Paiva, captured in a final mural using drawing, photography and collage as primary tools; experiencing and collecting data on an early stage from fieldwork sketches, notes and pictures that would help participants draw a shared and unique vision of the territory.



Milena Villalba is an architect from UPV (Polytechnic University of València,2012) and a photographer from EASD València (School of Art and Superior Design, 2015). She develops her professional career as an architectural photographer, regularly in Spain, but also in other countries as Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy or Poland. Personal aim to merge space and experiences through photography. Her work has been widely published in specialized media, as well showed through several solo exhibitions.




Alejandro Martínez is an architect from UPV (Polytechnic University of València, 2015). After working in different countries such as Ireland or India, is currently based in Spain, where he thinks, develops and draws architecture entirely by hand. Personal aim to merge atmosphere and technique through graphic representation. Some of his drawings have been acquired by the MoMA archives.


collective journey

#Drawing is an analysis tool. It’s looking carefully, like look at something for the first time. It’s like looking twice. If you want to draw something, you have to study carefully what are you seeing. Holding it in your brain and transmiting an action to your hand for synthesize and translate what you see into a physical format. Drawing has always been used as a study tool in many areas and situations. And we will use one of them, the #travelsketch. The workshop intends to create a collectively #illustrated #travel journal. Quinta do Mirante is a magical place, a #place that we will discover, live together and try to learn the most from it through drawing. We will study among participants and tutors the different elements on the #landscape that surrounds us. We will discover the different #techniques to perform this #graphical analysis. And we will apply the ones that best adapt to each situation. Finally we will generate a collective travel diary.


SANTI VICENTE - SPAIN (@memosesmas): He is an #Architect graduated from ETSA-UPV (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de #Valencia). He also studies “Applied #arts of sculpture” at the EASDV (Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño en Valencia) and photography at the Fotoarte School in Santiago de Chile. With all that knowledge acquired in the generation, production and communication of ideas, he founded the study memosesmas (less is more). He approaches projects of different scales and supports, specializing in graphic #communication and #illustration.

pedra x pedra

The aim of the workshop is to practice the technic of #drystone walling as a game, where everyone can be part. During a shared moment, just like doing puzzles, each participant will experiment and learn the principles of building a wall with #local #stone, granite in case of Quinta do Mirante. The technique of dry stone is part of the landscape of Douro Region, as heritage of the agricultural society. The workshop is an opportunity to experiment the technique and to reshape a specific place where is necessary this kind of intervention.


ANTONIO SOTGIU - ITALY (@antonisotzu): He has a Bachelor and Master’s degree in #Territorial#Urban and #Environmental Planning (Universidad de #Sassari - #Sardinia, Italy). He is a researcher of the #rural environment through the interscalar interpretation of the #territory and the contextual practical #experimentation.

interactive mural

A touchwall to make #music. Learn how to make #handmade conductive #paint that with a simple #electronic board and a speaker will allow you to use it as an #instrument.

ANA LOPEZ-SANTACRUZ - SPAI @anaencaos: She is a Product #Designer graduated in the European University of Madrid, also studied #animation and #graphic design at the Facoltà di Architettura di Alghero, Sardinia, (Italy), ceramics at the Santa Fe University of Arts andDesign, New Mexico (USA). She has worked in the area of graphic design, digital manufacturing and #technology and teaching children, workshops on design, #robotics, electronics and 3D printing. Currently she combines the execution of courses and workshops with her own projects focused on design, #education and #sustainability.

make the landscape

This workshop aims to bring to the group a discussion about the development of the landscape considering the relation man - nature. Human being shapes the #environment and is reshaped by it. There will be a walk through Quinta do Mirante with a group talk about the agro/ forest landscape that is present there.
After the #walk the group will gather for a moment of #collective work focused on the restoration of landscape.


JÓNI VIEIRA - PORTUGAL: landscape architect graduated in the #University of #Porto, with a masters degree on #organic #farming. Passionate about #landscape and nature. Currently works on landscape design and landscape and #nature#conservation.

RICARDO VIEIRA - #PORTUGAL: landscape architect graduated in the University of Porto, with a passion for landscape and #garden #design. With a large experience working closely with other planners and #gardeners, he is the current landscape architect who is working on the development of Quinta do Mirante.

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