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MAKE Festival is a 10-day long celebration that brings together between 50 and 200 people from all over the world with the aim of creating a place for debate and practice of arts, architecture, construction and design.

MAKE Festival brings together the different agents and spheres of art design and construction (students, collectives, professionals, the local population...) to question and research the contemporary role of the rural world, far from the traditional paternalistic view, and the role of art and architecture as positive agents of transformation, through workshops, exhibitions and talks.

Portugal 2019​

Growing in popularity, beautiful rural Portugal has all the ingredients to become a unique experimental playground to host our event. Last year we’ve encountered an amazing farm like location near the city of Porto alongside the mighty Douro river where we saw an opportunity to organise something special.

Together with the welcoming spirit of the local community, what’s also very typical of the this region are the so called ‘’Socalcos” terraces where the famous Douro wines are made among many other great agricultural products. Not only the festival terrain is full of socalcos, you can find them everywhere in the valleys and are a great example how people use their land efficiently while still respecting the naturality of the environment. Our aim is to dive a bit deeper into this way-of-life and see how we can interpret and combine though and experiments throughout this event to come up with loads of new ideas and solutions against the rural-urban divergences. Come and join this experience!  


workshops & MORE

MAKE Festival is structured in a day-time program in which workshops of design, arts or construction fields are developed, and a night-time program (coming soon!) , in which scenic arts such music, theater, cinema or performances creates a non-stop common celebration.


Every workshop / project is open to participation at all times, from design to execution, and participants change their positions constantly. Suddenly, projects and people are merged. Materials are adapted to availability, typologies are thought about and questioned, and thus the original project has been revised in ways that weren't envisioned before. Such constructions are spontaneous, born from many different minds and hands.

Check them here below!



Analyze the development of rural areas related to the growing urbanism.

Reflect about alternatives for the border between rural and urban.

Enhance the sustainability towards the environment, society and economics.

Shape a tool to establish contact, learn and respect the chosen area.

Stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experience between the visitors and the local party.


QUINTA DO MIRANTE is located in Castelo de Paiva, 50 km east of Porto in the Aveiro district, close to the Douro river and Paiva high waters. The Quinta is a 100-year old farm built in stone using local traditional techniques.

The 4 hectares of ground possesses a panoramic view of the Douro valley and Castelo de Paiva city. The sun is its constant companion. On the terrain, you’ll find a variety of fruit trees,

vegetable gardens and a forest.

Made up of terraces, the Quinta offers accommodations, creative workshops, cultural and musical events and nature-related activities.

Check out more about Quinta do Mirante here.


Porto Airport (Francisco Sá Carneiro) is 55 km from Quinta do Mirante. We recommend you rent a car, this way you are free to roam the countryside, but if you prefer to use public transport, we will gladly pick you up in Sebolido. Here are your options:

By public transport:


From the airport, take the train (PURPLE LINE E) to Estádio do Dragão. From there, it’s a 2-minute walk to Campo 24 de Augusto, where you can take a bus (LINE 9) to Sebolido (final stop). Let us know when you’ll arrive, so we can arrange for a car to come collect you and take you to the festival area.


By car/taxi:

Castelo de Paiva is only 50 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport by car. Go towards Porto until you see the sign indicating the A4 to Vila Real. Follow the A4 until Paredes and get out when you see Castelo de Paiva right after. From here, keep following the road towards Entre-os-Rios until Castelo de Paiva is indicated once more.


If you are coming in from the South, the A1 (Auto Estrada do Norte) is the main road to take: after leaving Santa Maria da Feira, take the EN222 to Castelo de Paiva. You can also, after the same exit, continue towards S. João da Madeira, enter the A32 towards Vila Nova de Gaia, pass the toll in Canedo and follow the sign for Castelo de Paiva, on the EN222.


For those coming in from the North, you have the option of A3 (Braga / Valongo / Penafiel / Entre os Rios / Castelo de Paiva), or A4 (Vila Real / Penafiel / Entre-os-Rios / Castelo de Paiva).

We can arrange a PICK-UP service from Castelo de Paiva (main square with a church) and take you to the festival area. Please contact us with your whereabouts so we can come get you!



This is event is open to everyone, however to participate in workshops you need a ticket.

Tickets must be presented together with a valid passport or ID card.

> 10-DAY TICKET - Ready for the full festival? 

This ticket includes:

  • Participation in all workshops & activities

  • A 10-day camping spot

  • Breakfast (local products!)

  • A festival bracelet & welcoming kit

> 3-DAY TICKET - Drop by! 

This ticket includes:

  • Participation in all workshops & activities for the 3 days you choose to attend

  • A 3-day camping spot

  • Breakfast (local products!)

  • A festival bracelet & welcoming kit

> 1-DAY TICKET - Just curious? 

This ticket includes:

  • Participation in all workshops & activities on your day of choice

  • A free consumption at our bar



> what to bring

Camping tent/kit

Working/hiking clothes

Towel and swimwear




Mosquito repellent

> currency


Tokens will be used during the festival in order to get drinks and snacks at the bar.

They can be purchased at any time during the festival at the Token Point.

Due to limited Wi-fi, we cannot accept credit card payments onsite. Make sure to bring enough cash! There are ATM machines in Castelo de Paiva.

> materials & tools

Please try to use the materials available as efficiently as possible and have a care for the tools that you borrow. Tools and materials can be obtained and returned at the Tool Point.

> camping

Outdoor camping spots are reserved for ticket holders only. Caravans or camper vans are allowed to park on the camping site. Please respect your neighbours and keep the noise to a friendly level at night.


There will be several areas where you can wash your clothes by hand and clean your cups and cutlery.


Free parking space is available on location.



Sorry, we love animals but cannot allow pets on the festival terrain.



Open flames are STRICTLY forbidden, as the area is vulnerable to forest fires. In case of a fire, directly contact an organizing member of the festival.



Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking areas. Please be very careful and make sure cigarettes are completely out when done smoking.  




Please help us keep the area free from trash during the festival. Anything that doesn’t belong in nature, must be thrown away in the designated trashcans.

Cutlery will be provided at the festival!



Breakfast will be available for ticket holders every day and will consist of delicious local products! There are supermarkets and restaurants in and around Castelo de Paiva.


Open to everyone! We don’t serve alcohol to minors. Drink responsibly.



If you need us to safely guard some of your valuables during the festival we offer free locker space.



We don’t allow the usage and/or dealing of any soft or hard drugs at the festival. 



Check out everything Castelo de Paiva has to offer here, or ask us about it! 



Quinta do Mirante:

Michel Le Roux +31654323503

Jacqueline Le Roux +31625021065

Dimitri Le Roux +31646848420


MAKE Team:

Max Le Roux +31636140239

Marina Dominguez +31618282443 / +34659483882

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