MAKE is a Collective of architects, urban planners, designers and artists, coming from different fields and different places, joined by the need to dilute the geographical limits and the boundaries between their different disciplines, between the rural and the urban, between the visitor and the inhabitant, between inherited knowledge, experimentation and innovation, between theoretical studies and practical applications.


This collective is constantly on the move, creating initiatives and interventions that stimulate this approach, through a learning process that creates links between people, between places, and between knowledge and creation.


It is organized by different MAKE non-profit associations with headquarters in several countries in Europe, which autonomously manages within its territory the activities of regional or national implication (such us MAKE REUNION or MAKE SESSION), and coordinated for the international and main one: MAKE FESTIVAL. MAKE FESTIVAL is, this way, the central, nomadic and unitary event of all MAKE.​



> To analyze the evolution of society in its different ways of life and habitat.


> To promote environmental, social and economic sustainability.


> To find solutions against the rural-urban divergences.


>To build up an emergent team (international & local) for the accomplishment of projects of architecture, design and creative and artistic disciplines.


> To generate a meeting point between international participants and local actors.


> To offer an alternative formation through workshops, itinerant exhibitions, conferences, publications and anefficient international communication.



MAKE was born to bring together in our events the different agents and spheres of art and architecture (students, collectives, professionals, the local population...) to question and research the contemporary role of the rural world (far from the traditional paternalistic view) and the role of art and architecture as positive agents of transformation.


MAKE stimulates the participants through a playful environment, collective action and reflection, through joy, enthusiasm and fun. Because no learning is possible without an emotional connection towards it, it is why MAKE’s mood is closer to a festival than a congress, why it’s a celebration and not a symposium, why the complement to the workshops is a party and not a round table.


MAKE creates events that gather people from all around the world, but at the same time creates a close and familiar environment. Every activity is open to participation at all times, from design to execution, and participants change their positions constantly; shattering restrictions and impositions. Suddenly, projects and people are merged. Materials are adapted to the availability, typologies are thought over and questioned, and thus the original project is revised in ways that weren’t envisioned before. Such constructions are spontaneous, born from many different minds and hands.


MAKE is not a collective that seeks a final piece of work, a result to be shown as a photoshopped, lifeless picture. MAKE is about processes: it creates an intense social, emotional and efficient didactic system.





The MAKE Sessions are single projects, concentrated in a single action of a different nature. They can be developed in short periods between a weekend and a week, organized by members of the collective related to a national team, as many by year and country as the members decide.


They could be screening, talks, exhibitions, conferences or workshops series, that help our members to promote their individual careers, or to facilitate the collective showing our processes and results. All of them range between theory and practice, looking for the projection, the contrast and the transfer of knowledge.




The MAKE Reunions are events organized in rural or marginal areas, structured around concatenated stays of two phases, that are organized by year and nationally by every national association.


It is structured in a previous stay of local inmersion, of up to one month of duration, in which collective members participate of local activities or help in local projects, followed by 10 days of the event celebration of interconected projects / workshops.


This is a self-organised and self-developed activity, where organisers and tutors are members of the collective, with no open call, and the majority of participants are the local population.

It gathers a maximum of 50 people and count with a reduced number of projects / workshops. This activity is very important to develop smaller and slower activities that let the members meet and enjoy together. Also, it is very useful to bring the activity to new countries. in those cases, will be possible to look for a collaboration of a local association with the goal of founding a new national MAKE non-profit association.



The MAKE Festival is the common, nomadic, unique and unitary event of MAKE Collective of ART AND CONSTRUCTION, and it is a direct legacy of the original IFAC (International Festival of Art and Construction).


It is a 10-day long celebration that brings together between 50 and 200 people from all over the world – creatively restless individuals, who meet somewhere in worldwide map where a MAKE non-profit association has representation.

With the aim of creating a place for debate and practice of arts and architecture, while overcoming the limitations of purely theoretical, limited academic training and sterile learning strategies, this event feed a genuine research network from a collective conscience of participation and mutual enrichment.

The festival is organised only one a year and receives people from all over the world. Every year, a different national MAKE non profit association has the opportunity to organise it, what let the festival to be constantly on the move, and what let the people to know many different local realities. It is structured in a day-time program (in which around 20 projects / workshops of design, arts or construction fields are developed) and a night-time program (in which scenic arts such music, theater, cinema or performances creates a non-stop common celebration). All these activities are selected from an open call, that let students and professionals of all over the world to be the main character of the festival.

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